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Have you ever wished your tattoos could come to life, telling your story in a dynamic, interactive way? Look no further! TattooALIVE is here to turn your ink into an immersive experience like never before.

What is TattooALIVE?

TattooALIVE is an innovative app that breathes life into your tattoos by seamlessly linking them with videos. Through our sister app, FrameALIVE, you can capture a photo of your tattoo and upload it along with a corresponding video to framealive.com. Once uploaded, every time you scan your tattoo with the FrameALIVE app, your tattoo instantly springs to life, playing the linked video right before your eyes.

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Upload up to 75 FrameALIVE videos

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Upload unlimited FrameALIVE videos

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